The influence of drugs crime and poverty on south boston in all souls a book by michael patrick macd

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The influence of drugs crime and poverty on south boston in all souls a book by michael patrick macd

Subjects Description A high proportion of crimes committed in Britain are drugs-related, with many offenders having a documented history of drug use. However, the direct link between drugs and crime is often less clear than is supposed and this text attempts to achieve a better understanding of these and surrounding issues that have been marred by misunderstanding and a lack of consensus amongst experts.

This text offers a major contribution to existing debates and provides an authoritative and much-needed overview of the range of issues associated with drugs-related crime.


This new edition has been fully updated to include the latest data and recent developments in policy and particular attention is paid to changes in sentencing and treatment, as well as changes to practice in trafficking.

An expanded chapter on women, drugs and crime now offers further coverage of drug-taking and prostitution. This is the only book in Britain which centres on the links between drugs and crime, and deals with the policy implications of that link.

It is a comprehensive account of the various aspects of Government policy concerning drugs, and should be particularly useful to academics and students interested in or studying this aspect of criminology. It offers an intelligent and balanced assessment of the issues, informed by a broad historical perspective.

Unlike most books on the subject, it is not hindered with the typical review of the various types of drugs and their effects, followed by a superficial coverage of drug use and criminality.

Rather, this text addresses the key issues relevant to studying the link between crime and drugs, such as trafficking, policing, sentencing, legislation, as well as the debate regarding legalisation and decriminalisation.

A This book has been important in helping us to understand the drugs-crime debate since its first edition.

The influence of drugs crime and poverty on south boston in all souls a book by michael patrick macd

This expanded and updated edition can only add to its place as essential reading for students in the social sciences in general, and criminology in particular. An overview Chapter 2. Sentencing drug offenders Chapter 3.

Theoretical Formulations Chapter 4. Treatment in Criminal Justice Chapter 5.

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Drug Courts and Drug Testing Chapter 6. Trafficking, Laundering and Confiscation Chapter 7. Drug Markets and Policing Chapter 8.

Informers and corruption Chapter 9. Women, drugs and crime Chapter 10 The legalisation Debate Chapter Suggestions for the way forward. He was president of the British Society of Criminology to and from to he was an Associate of the General Medical Council.Drugs, Society and Criminal Justice / Edition 4 For courses in Drugs and Crime, Drugs and Criminal Justice, Drugs and Society, and The Sociology of Substance Abuse Drugs, Society, and Criminal Justice is a highly readable introduction to the major facts and issues concerning criminal justice and drug-taking behavior in America $ Poverty and Crime A social issue that has always intrigued me was crime (petty crime, violent crime, etc) in impoverished urban areas and the social and economic impact that crime causes in these areas.

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Drugs and Crime: 4th Edition (e-Book) - Routledge Recent publications have centred upon concerns about the adulteration of illicit drugs, the activities of drug dealers, the rationality of drug control policies and media representations of drugs and drug users.
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BookPage September by BookPage - Issuu However, the direct link between drug taking and crime is often less clear than is supposed if only because many of those offenders would have committed offences anyway, and these offences need to be separated from those that are directly caused by drugs.

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“So just take a look at the different prosecution rates and sentencing rules for ghetto drugs like crack and suburban drugs like cocaine, or for drunk drivers and drug users, or just between blacks and whites in general―the statistics are clear: this is a war on the poor and minorities.

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