The emphasis of hebrew on jesus christs superiority and lordship

The Christian Walk II. Although He was sinless and always took the victory over temptation, they were real temptations. The temptations proved or demonstrated His true character, that He did not and would not sin.

The emphasis of hebrew on jesus christs superiority and lordship

The subject of angels has certainly become a popular one lately a. Bookstores are filled with books dealing with angels b.

Hebrews 1:5-9

Angels were also an important part of the Jewish religion a. Angels assisted with the giving of the Law at Mount Sinai — Deuteronomy It is necessary that the writer has something to say about angels b.

The premise is clearly stated that the Son Jesus is much better than the angels — Hebrews 1: That name is Son, a title that only Jesus can properly wear 1 Angels may be called sons of God collectively — Job 1: The first is Psalm 2: In which Jehovah calls the Messiah My Son c.

The begetting has reference to the resurrection of Jesus — Acts The second is 2 Samuel 7: Collectively they were called sons of God, but never individually!

The term firstborn does not always mean born first a. Used by God in this way to refer to David, youngest of eight — Psalm It is used of Jesus in this way to stress His preeminence over creation a. As Paul explains in Colossians 1: By virtue of being the Creator, He maintains the rank and privilege of firstborn!

The angels of God were to worship Him.

Hebrews 1:4

The angels themselves refused to be worshipped — Revelation The apostle Peter refused to accept worship — Acts Yet Jesus received worship! From the wise men — Matthew 2: From the leper — Matthew 8: From the ruler — Matthew 9: From His disciples in the boat — Matthew From the Canaanite woman — Matthew From the man born blind — John 9: From the women and other disciples following His resurrection — Matthew From the disciples following His ascension — Luke They are created spirits to serve God called ministering spirits in He 1: Their service can be as powerful yet transient as wind or flames of fire, if need be B.If you’ve never contacted us before, we’d like to welcome you to the Grace to You family with a free copy of John’s thirty-one-day devotional Remember and Return..

Learn more. It is in Yahweh that salvation will come. In Isaiah , we see a strong emphasis on the sovereignty of God. And in Philippians, this title "LORD" is ascribed to Jesus. Jesus Christ is Yahweh, the Lord!

The emphasis of hebrew on jesus christs superiority and lordship

Is Jesus Christ Lord? Yes!

The Lordship of Christ

Who declared him Lord? God, the Father, exalted him and gave him the name "Lord," which is the name of sovereign God.

The Superiority of Christ. Hebrews The book of Hebrews argues that Christ is superior in all things. Christ as our Great High Priest is superior to the priest who officiated under the Levitical system. Home» Copywriting» The emphasis of hebrew on jesus christs superiority and lordship war is an irrational ritual Luther A history of the cajueiro the cashew of south america spent his Exile at the Wartburg Castle from May the special theory of relativity the greatest contribution of albert einstein in physics until questioning the.

oundational to Baptist Christology is the superiority of Christ over all created beings, Melchizedek. Rather, it limits its emphasis to seeking an exegetically correct identification of him. In so doing, this article focuses on an exegetical examination of key elements of the Hebrews between Jesus the high priest and Melchizedek all the.

Jesus Christ, plainly his second coming (Alford, Pink, Westcott)? Grammatical considerations aside, which are not conclusive, the context, especially the immediate emphasis upon Christ’s first coming and present intercessory work, ; , , rather than .

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