Family life style reflection paper

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Family life style reflection paper

Northwestern University This paper reveals a theory of personality based on the formation of intimate Family life style reflection paper during the early stages of a person's lifetime. During infancy, childhood, adolescence, and young adulthood, new needs and tensions arise in the individual.

In attempt to seek ways of adapting to these newfound stresses, people develop different kinds of intimate relationships that ultimately form their personality.

Family life style reflection paper

Relationships formed during each stage of life serve as a prototype for interactions in later stages. For this reason, there exists a continuum of relationships formed throughout a lifetime that shape and mold specific personality traits. Neither intimacy nor individual development can exist alone.

The birth of a child initiates a human being into a life-long process of mutual adaptation between the child, his or her intimate relationship partners and the broader social environment.

Intimate interactions and relationships affect adaptations to the changing needs and stresses that evolve with each stage of development throughout one's lifetime.

Intimate Relationships

Intimate interactions from early life serve as the basis upon which relationships later in life are formed. Environmental contingencies to which individuals must adapt are rooted in these relationships. In an attempt to adapt to other people's styles of relating, one must adjust his or her own behaviors Baldwin, Based on the fact that human development is a product of complex interplay of forces that reside within the individual human being and the environment by which he or she is surrounded, it can be proposed that interpersonal interactions and relationships shape individual personality and coping styles.

Psychological maturity involves integrating intimacy into a life framework that encompasses all parts of the self. Relationships Formed During Infancy and Childhood Dimensions of Temperament From the time of birth, every individual is biologically predisposed to approach the world with his or her own personal style.

Polish Culture and Life Style

Studies of infants suggest that some variability in human behavior may result directly or indirectly from genetic differences. Developmental psychologists term these differences as dimensions of temperament.

Family life style reflection paper

Based on chemical, biological, experiential, interpersonal, and social factors, different dimensions of temperament manifest themselves over time and across different situations.

Psychologists Buss and Plomin have proposed the existence of four basic temperament dimensions present in human beings McAdams, Emotionality is the tendency to express negative emotions such as anger and fear frequently and vigorously.

Activity is the degree of physical movement that a person characteristically shows. Impulsivity is the degree to which a person acts quickly without deliberation, moves from one activity to the next, and finds it difficult to practice self-control.

Sociability is the tendency to be outgoing and friendly and to enjoy the company of others McAdams,pp. According to this theory, persons are inherently born with tendencies to develop these four temperaments to different levels. These dimensions are present in infancy and continue to grow throughout childhood and adulthood.

The social environment reacts to these tendencies, modifying and shaping them in different ways. Such modifications are the results of interpersonal relationships that begin to form during early life.


The development of a unique interpersonal style is a function of temperament McAdams, - When I first watched “An Unfinished Life”, I did not like it very much, but as I watched it several time in order to write my reflection paper, I resized it was great movie about forgiveness and family.

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