English grammar quiz

I've coached many students in many other different certifications: Some of the materials I've prepared so far are available for free. How ever, after years of teaching, I've come across several exercises, and techniques. I've also created material of my own to keep teaching.

English grammar quiz

Continue reading the main story 10 questions on grammar Grammar is in the headlines with the arrival of a new test for primary school children. How much do you know about apostrophes, semi-colons and dangling participles?

Of course, there are no official rules for English. Everything that follows is debatable.

English grammar quiz

Multiple Choice Question The man next door has a garden that is being overrun with cats. Which of the following questions is correct? Who's cats are using our neighbours garden? Who's cats' are using our neighbours garden? Whose cats are using our neighbour's garden? Whose cats are using our neighbours' garden?

Multiple Choice Question Lots of people are confused about when to use "may" and when to use "might". Which one is better here? The win against Australia might have been a turning point, but it didn't turn out like that The win against Australia may have been a turning point, but it didn't turn out like that 3.

Multiple Choice Question Read this sentence carefully. Hilary is male It's impossible to know from the context 4. Multiple Choice Question Less and fewer often cause people grief. Which of the following is wrong? There's less water in the river these days I eat fewer than five apples a week I drink less than three coffees a day 5.

Multiple Choice Question Which of the following sentences correctly contains a semi-colon? My uncle's whiskers are magnificent indeed; but I have no desire to stroke them Landing a plane isn't hard; I once saw a child do it There are two countries beginning with Z; Zimbabwe and Zambia.

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Multiple Choice Question "This is the kind of tedious nonsense up with which I will not put! Don't start a sentence with but Avoid splitting an infinitive Never end a sentence with a preposition 7. Multiple Choice Question Sometimes you should use "that" and sometimes "which".

Which sentence here is wrong? The car which ran me over was speeding The car that ran me over was speeding The car, which was speeding, ran me over 8.

English grammar quiz

Multiple Choice Question Consider this sentence:English Quizzes for Kids. Enjoy our free English quizzes for kids which help students improve their language skills in a fun way.

Select the correct answer in the box on the right: 1. She will tell you _____ to the party. tranceformingnlp.com Quizzes, tests, exercises and puzzles to help you learn English as a Second Language (ESL) This project of The Internet TESL Journal (tranceformingnlp.com) has thousands of contributions by many teachers. Grammar Bytes! Grammar Instruction with Attitude. Includes detailed terms, interactive exercises, handouts, PowerPoint presentations, videos, and more!

Find a range of printable ESL quiz questions and answers related to vocabulary, grammar, general knowledge and a variety of fun trivia. Advanced English test/quiz for those English learners who want to become proficient and getting answers to their questions real time.

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General knowledge English Test Medium level (78% of success) 7 questions - 7 players English Grammar Short test is designed to review the learning so far.

Grammar tests, quizzes and exams for beginners and elementary esl. Free grammar exercises by level. This section of the ESL website is for English language learners who like thinking about language and enjoy doing grammar exercises.

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